The event

What is the Moonlight Challenge?

The Moonlight Challenge is an invigorating adventure through some of the most spectacular scenery of the Wicklow Mountains. The event takes place under a full moon, cloud willing!

The route is being chosen with your safety and enjoyment in mind and is fully supported by the members and friends of the Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue Team. The route, albeit challenging in distance, is well within the reach of any person of reasonable fitness.

The Moonlight Challenge is the main fundraising event for the Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue Team. It was brought into being in 2010 to assist in raising sponsorship to help construct our Mountain Rescue Base which was completed in 2012. Following on from this, the successful Moonlight Challenge events of 2012 and 2013 helped secure a new mobile command vehicle, as our old Transit was in bad need of retirement after serving 14 years as Rescue Base for the Team.

Why take part?

Not only is the event for an extremely good cause….. but is an exciting challenge with a new route each year with lots of entertainment and fun filled events along the way!

Beginning in the afternoon, walking through the evening into the moonlit magnificence of the mountains finishing to the good will and cheers of the Rescue Team themselves, warmed by some home cooked food and hearty entertainment…. this is an experience that’s hard to beat.

Registering and fundraising

To register your team just click here.
A registration fee of €25 per person is required; this will cover our costs for event insurance etc. After that the minimum fundraising target is €75 per person. The Moonlight Challenge is 100% run by volunteers. Which means that every Euro raised by you goes directly to the Team to help them provide this vital service in the hills.

Who are we?

The Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue Team (The Glen Team) is a voluntary Mountain Search and Rescue Team. We are a unit of the Irish Red Cross Society and a designated 999 emergency resource. Volunteers give their time freely and are available 24/7 365 days of the year, with absolutely no personal recompense.

Mountain Rescue in Ireland is a service offered by mountaineers helping other mountaineers in trouble, therefore there is no charge for the service provided. A small grant is secured annually from the Department of Transport to assist in the running of the Team, however this barely covers 1/4 of the running costs of the Team.

The Glen Team celebrated 30 years serving Wicklow in 2013. In this time, the Team has gone from strength to strength. Much has been achieved in the last 7 years since we “dreamed up” the Moonlight Challenge….we now have a home of our own and a new command vehicle…. both achievements we are extremely proud of and extremely appreciative of the support given by YOU in helping us get to this point.

Although we love being out in the hills rescuing people, unfortunately fundraising  takes a lot of our time and efforts. Each Team member gives on average 3 days per year over to fundraising activities for the Team. This is in addition to weekly training, additional weekend  training from time to time and callouts. Thankfully we have the Friends Of the Glen Team to help us now.

When we started out, 30 years ago, there were a handful of Team members dealing with a handful of callouts per year. We are in different territory now with 38 members dealing with 111 callouts in 2013 – obviously with such demands, the costs for the Team in terms of constant equipment maintenance, replacement and ongoing  training is significant. This is why the Moonlight Challenge is such an important event to us and why YOUR  participation is so appreciated by all of us in the Glen Team. We hope you realise how thankful we are to you for your ongoing support.

For more information and recent call outs please visit our team website: